Business facilities have a smaller or greater impact on the local and 'distant' biodiversity depending on certain construction options and the building materials used. Aspects such as lighting, heating or cooling systems, air flow or insulation also influence energy consumption and hence climate change, which is one of the five major threats to biodiversity.

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Living together with biodiversity at Belvas

The building of the Belvas chocolate factory has been equipped with photovoltaic panels and with a system of heat recovery from air-conditioning devices. The power of hot air is used for producing hot water which then helps melting the chocolate when preparing pralines and truffles. Their new building will be entirely passive and designed for being even more sustainable and environment-friendly: water recovery system, geothermal heating, while fully integrated in the surrounding nature.

What is Belvas?

Belvas is the first organic, fair-trade and environment-friendly chocolate factory in northern Europe. This business wants to innovate in the development of a sustainable economy. www.belvas.be


The Buildings Agency: building, managing, maintaining… and biodiversity thinking!

As the first real estate manager in the country, the Buildings Agency heavily invests in green roofs. Such roofs, for instance, can capture atmospheric dust, airborne particles and pollen. They help filtering the cities' air, have a positive impact on water and indoor temperature regulation and offer substitution habitats for several plant and animal species such as pollinating insects, birds and other invertebrates.

What is the Belgian Buildings Agency?

The Agency manages the real estate properties of the federal government. It provides qualitative office accommodation for federal civil servants and works for the conservation of the federal architectural and historic heritage: 1015 sites representing 7 million square metres in Belgium. www.regiedesbatiments.be


Practically, what can I do for my business?

BiodiversiTree is an online tool that helps you choose actions for biodiversity according to your situation, your resources, the place where you are located and your activity field.

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