To offer a good or a service, all businesses need to buy raw materials, final products or other services. Depending on their origin, on the production or extraction method used, interchangeable raw materials and goods/services will have another impact on biodiversity. For instance, ore extraction or intensive palm tree farming often involve the destruction of tropical forests, jeopardizing the numerous species living in those forests.

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Organic herbal teas from Tilman – a biodiversity-friendly choice

Organic herbal teas from Tilman – a biodiversity-friendly choice Tilman has developed a range of herbal teas based on regional plants from organic agriculture, which means without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. An important choice when one knows that 4 out of 5 plants or flowers sold in Europe contain pesticides that are believed to be responsible for the decline of bees. The use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers etc. also have an impact on birds typical of water environments: in Europe, their population has been reduced by half since 1980.

What is Tilman?

Tilman is a Belgian pharmaceutical laboratory that has made a nature-minded choice: manufacturing phytotherapy products. Phytotherapy is a medical practice based on the use of plants. www.tilman.be


Practically, what can I do for my business?

BiodiversiTree is an online tool that helps you choose actions for biodiversity according to your situation, your resources, the place where you are located and your activity field.

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