It's important for businesses to lay out and manage their grounds in coherence with local biodiversity. Depending on the choices made for the laying-out and the plantations, the impact on biodiversity can be zero (for instance, yew hedges are useless for biodiversity), negative (that is the case when concrete or invasive alien plants are used) or, on the contrary, very positive when the option is taken of a variety of plants, trees, bushes, hedges and flowers that altogether provide habitats and food sources for the local fauna.

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Ecosem - sowing biodiversity

Ecosem proposes (private and public) ground lay-out solutions that foster the development of local biodiversity and that are really adapted to it. The space is designed to host biodiversity. The link between fauna and flora is respected, for instance by planting flowers suitable for wild bees.

What is Ecosem?

Ecosem is a company specialised in producing and selling seeds and indigenous plants of controlled origin.


The Buildings Agency – working for greener real estate

Everywhere possible, the Buildings Agency invests in the plantation of orchards or flowered meadows and supports the laying-out of urban vegetable gardens that are managed by the members of its administration. In this way, building surroundings can become greener, especially in cities. It also favours the development of a richer biodiversity by providing habitats and food for animals and plants. Moreover, it significantly increases the staff's welfare.

What is the Belgian Buildings Agency?

The Agency manages the real estate properties of the federal government. It provides qualitative office accommodation for federal civil servants and works for the conservation of the federal architectural and historic heritage: 1015 sites representing 7 million square metres in Belgium.


Practically, what can I do for my business?

BiodiversiTree is an online tool that helps you choose actions for biodiversity according to your situation, your resources, the place where you are located and your activity field.

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